Due to the current position of the residential Solar PV industry, we now provide an aftercare service to owners of Solar PV who are not quite sure if their system that is installed is doing as its meant. Unfortunately, due to a high number of Solar PV installers either going into liquidation, shutting down, or not dealing with PV anymore, a lot of people have got the system installed, however, have not had it checked/assessed by anybody since the install. Typically, the company who installed the system would do a free assessment between 3-5 years of installing it to ensure it is still doing as it is supposed to, and check for any faults that may have arisen.

If you are based in the south east and your installation company no longer is trading as a business, J&D Renewables will carry the assessment out free of charge, so that you have re-assurance your system is still on the right track. We work closely with a number of Solar Equipment manufactures so if there are any issues upon assessment, we are able to point you in the right direction.

There are three fundamentals that must be ticked to be eligible for this:

  • You must have a valid MCS certificate

  • You must own your system

  • You must have had your system installed prior 2016